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Interview: Why I wrote mathematics book in Hausa language – Ibrahim Makari



Ibrahim Danladi Makari

Specialists in education have for long been advocating for teaching students in mother tongue. In fact, the national policy on education mother tongue should be the medium of instruction at the first three years of primary pupils education.

The major concern is rest on how to provide relevant books for primary/secondary school students in mother tongue.

In this interview Ibrahim Danladi Makari disclosed why he wrote ‘Mathematics  a harshen Hausa for SS 1 and SS 2’.

Q: What is your name?

A: My name is Ibrahim Danladi Makari

Q: What is your academic qualification?

A: Actually I suppose to answer this question in a simple and plain sentence. But permit me to explain my academic and teaching experiences as they are more relevant to the books in question. I mean, ‘MATHEMATICS A HARSHEN HAUSA FOR SS 1 & SS 2’. This is because they are more of products of four years online and offline researches and teaching experience than my academic qualification. Nonetheless, the explanation will be a reflection to the answer of the question above.

After I finished my secondary school in 1995, I undergone remedial (pre-degree) program at Bayero University Kano in the 1996/97 session. After the session, I switched to University of Jos, where I repeated the same program and subsequently secured the desired course of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. I reached up to 300 level at the faculty but willingly dropped out and left the country with the intention of finishing the studies abroad. But things didn’t work out as planned.

However, when I settled in Ghana for two years, I taught Mathematics and Science subjects. I came back to Nigeria and taught the same subjects for some years. I am now running an educational consultancy which spare headed the productions of the books through online and offline researches and selected the best and simplest methods on how Mathematics topics are taught in developed and developing countries.

So in a nutshell, I was a 300 level self-dropped-out pharmacy student but with several years teaching experience.

However, I didn’t mean to present this explanation as a qualification but I know qualification is all about potential to make positive impact to the society. I hope this lengthy explanations answered the question in some ways.

Q: What inspired you to write the books?

A: Well, it is an established educational research findings that pupils/students understand any topic when taught in their native languages. This is because learning in a native language is just facing a single task. That is, understanding the concepts of the topics.

On the other hand, learning in a borrowed or imposed language involves double tasks. Which means understanding the medium of communication (English language in our own case) in addition to the concepts of the topics.

I remember vividly during my school years, once lectures are over, in most cases Mathematics lectures, the students that understood the lectures better in English language used to dissect the lectures to the less privileged ones in the Hausa language. Which improved their understanding and performance in the tests and exams.

According to my personal educated guess, the students that understand Mathematics finds it easy to understand other subjects once it is well explained. In other words, Mathematics is the brain stimulant academically.

So taking measures to improve the knowledge of Mathematics might have general positive impact on the standard of education among the native Hausa readers and speakers. These are the three major inspirations I got in writing the books so that I will contribute my own quota in the upliftment of the standard of education in the North in particular and Nigeria at large.

Q: Who are the target readers?

A: The books that are about to be launched are for SS 1 and SS 2 students. But SS 3 students can still use them to do revision and prepare for their WAEC and NECO examinations; considering the fact that a lot of SS 3 topics are revisions of SS 1 and SS 2 topics. However, the SS 3 book is already in the pipeline. Hopely, it will be published next year in shaa Allah.

Q: What specific area the books covered?

A: The books extensively covered the foundational topics of SS 1 and SS 2. The topics that are difficult to understand. The topics are explained in such a way that an average student can teach himself or herself with or without little push from the teachers.

Q: What are your expectations?

A: I have an overwhelming expectations insha Allah that the books will be patronized as they are potential solution to the most students’ nightmare (Mathematics). I am not only expecting individual students and parents to embrace the books, I also anticipate educational NGO and philanthropist and most especially northern state governments, where Hausa is the dominant language to purchase the books in substantial quantities and distribute them among their students to improve the understanding of Mathematics in particular and education at large.

In my humble opinion, I think it is about time for us to officially start teaching our pupils and students at least the core science subjects in our native languages. These core science subjects are the major ingredients of economic developments. It is the common practice in most of the so called developed and developing countries such as China, India, Malaysia, Japan etc. That is why so many innovations and inventions come from there.

At this juncture, I think it is noteworthy to reveal that the SS 1 book of  the ‘Mathematics A Harshen Hausa’ has won the 2022 contest of  Hausa language category of Mathematics written in the three major indigenous languages of  Nigeria, that is Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba, organized by ‘Hadiza Ibrahim Annual School Festival (HIASFEST 2022), with an attached prize of  N150,000 and a certificate of merit.

Q: Who sponsored the project?

A: The project was 99.9% sponsored by my biological brother, Lit Col U. F. Abdurrahim who is passionate about education. He never complain of any request regarding the project up to this level. Alhamdulillah, I did not disappoint him either in an effort to make the project a reality. However, the 0.1% is from my mother and my elder brother which are request for data and other little logistics. This mostly happened because of slight delay of sending the bulk money due the tight schedules of the main sponsor.

Q: Did you receive any support in the course of the project?

A: Amm! If you mean moral supports, yes, I did received several supports, major of which is the overwhelming moral supports and prayers from my mother, my paternal aunty, my recently late paternal uncle, Alh. Sule Bako (Mai masallacin matafiya Kaduna – Zaria road), my wife and my friends and well wishers.

In fact my mother was the main moral supporter long before I thought of writing this books. Because she used to tell me that and I quote ‘your method of teaching is as if you open the brain of  the student and arrange the knowledge sequentially’. My late uncle used to tell me ‘the project is not an easy one but keep it up. Nothing good comes easy’. My wife over the course of four years has been supportive in very many ways. Friends and well wishers that I confided the project to encouraged me with so many elbow greecing words.

Q: What are the challenges you encountered so far in the project?

A: indeed no project of this magnitude will be realized without encountering challenges here and there. The major challenge I faced at the climax of  the project is sleep deprivation. I was dominantly preoccupied with the writing, sketching and fixing one or two things regarding the project in the morning and afternoon. Such round-the-clock activities mostly extended up to 2am at night. Most a times I slept for three hours or so in a day. That really put a lot of stress on my body system.

As there are no direct translations to so many Mathematical terminologies and as far as  I know, no base or similar book(s) on which to compare and contrast the complex Mathematical expressions between English and Hausa language, I struggled from pillar to post just to make some of the concepts as clearer and simpler as possible. That was really a challenge to me as well.

Lastly, my social life was adversely distorted. I cut off from most of my friends and families just to utilize the time on the project. In a nutshell, explaining my life during the climax of the project in a ‘Four-Burner-Theory’, the project time will take 70% when compared to my other activities. Most of my indoor and outdoor activities were relegated to the back seat.

Q: When will the launching take place?

A: As at 19th February 2022, no date has been fixed yet. We are still scouting for partners, advertisers and possibly additional sponsors. Meanwhile, we are making consultations from the people that have the know-how on how to go about it. You know, being the first time of holding such an event, we have to do a lot of home works. But so far we have started discussing about committees that will strategise on the preparations and programs of the event.

But hopefully, the launching day will be in a couple of weeks time. Once the date is finally fixed it will be widely broadcast insha Allah.

Ibrahim Danladi Makari can be reached via 08099014936,  08163386056


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The Director General of Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board, Alhaji Lamin Rabi’u Danbappa has described as unjustified, the decision of National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON, to pay part of the Basic Travel Allowance, BTA, for this year’s Hajj via payment card.

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KANO FOCUS gathered that the Villa, which has been silent over Ganduje’s recent political travail, is said to have “commissioned” APC governors from the North Central geo-political zone to begin a search for a new chairman from the region as originally planned by the party.

A top party source told LEADERSHIP Newspaper that besides the North Central zone producing the next chairman, the Villa might be open to allowing the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) camp within the party to produce Ganduje’s replacement as part of appeasement moves.

It was further learnt that those opposed to Ganduje’s continued stay, including a serving senator who was former governor of a South South state, listed his perceived handling of the Edo and Ondo primaries as well as the unfolding drama surrounding the probe into his tenure as Kano State governor.

Ganduje’s woes, it was also gathered, is being compounded by an alleged plan for New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) presidential candidate in 2023, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, to return to the APC, a claim confirmed to LEADERSHIP Friday by a former commissioner and APC chieftain in Kano State, Musa Ilyasu Kwankwaso.

Also, the agitation by APC stakeholders in the North Central zone for the return of the chairmanship position to their zone has not helped Ganduje’s case. The immediate past governor of Kano State is from the North West zone.

The APC chairman has been locked in an intriguing legal battle in Kano State over moves to suspend him in his ward by some persons claiming to be APC executives.

They hinged their suspension on the probe into Ganduje’s administration over alleged financial misappropriation by Governor Abba Yusuf.

While Ganduje blames the NNPP-led administration in the state for his travails, the APC leadership, at federal and state levels, has since distanced themselves from the suspension moves.

However, the embattled chairman is fighting back and battling to salvage his job. Party sources told LEADERSHIP Friday that he had reached out to some governors to help him stave off those angling to remove him from office.

It was gathered that he recently pleaded with a governor from a North Central State to urge an aggrieved aspirant to withdraw his suit seeking to stop him from parading himself as chairman.

A serving senator and former national chairmanship aspirant is said to have also been recruited to ensure the case is dropped.

KANO FOCUS recalls that an APC chairmanship aspirant in 2022, Muhammad Etsu, is seeking a legal injunction to stop Ganduje from parading himself as national chairman.

He had earlier argued for the national chairmanship seat to return to the North Central zone.

In the build-up to the 2022 national convention, the APC had zoned the position to the North Central which saw Senator Abdullahi Adamu emerge as national chairman.

He resigned in 2023 paving the way for Ganduje, who hails from North West, to become chairman.

However, the party source told LEADERSHIP Friday that another North Central governor is backing the move to remove Ganduje.

The governor, according to a party source, is seeking Ganduje’s removal because he appears to have taken sides with the governor’s political opponent (a top government official) in the state.

Attempts to get Ganduje’s reaction on the issues were not successful as calls and messages to his media handlers were not responded to.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that the APC-led presidency adopted the silence option over Ganduje’s ordeal, in light of unfolding political intrigues in the North ahead of the 2027 presidential election.

With the frayed political romance between President Bola Tinubu and some of his allies in the region, it might “be convenient to forge new alliances which might involve making tough decisions,” a source said.

The source, who neither confirmed nor denied the Kwankwaso angle, however said the president would need to firm his base in the region, having seemingly fallen out with some politicians, like former Kaduna governor, Nasir el-Rufai.

“So he might be firmer to ask himself what political value the embattled chairman has to him ahead of 2027. Kano State is a strategic state that any incumbent or presidential candidate would need to have on his side,” the party chieftain said.

Another APC chieftain, who also pleaded not to be named, said Tinubu is keeping quiet on the issues about Ganduje because he single handedly brought him to the position.

The source said: “Unlike in the case of Adams Oshimhole who was elected at a national convention and was not the then President Muhammadu Buhari candidate, hence he was allowed to sink, Ganduje is more or less an appointee of the president and, though the quietness, he is enjoying the protection of Villa.

“Unlike Buhari, Tinubu could be blunt to tell Ganduje to go if he is not satisfied with his leadership as the APC chairman. Also, in the case of Oshiomhole, the APC governors were not on his side but it seems the governors are with Ganduje or they simply are not interested in what is happening.”

A former APC national vice chairman, North-west, Salihu Lukman, said the only strong qualification of Ganduje as the party’s chairman is his close relationship with the president.

Source: Leadership Newspaper.

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Qatar Foundation to award scholarship to BUK indigent students



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Qatar Charity Foundation, a humanitarian and development non-governmental organization, has planned to award scholarship to indigent students of Bayero University, Kano.

KANO FOCUS reports that the Country Director of Qatar Foundation, Hamdi Abdou made this pledge when he paid a courtesy call on the Vice Chancellor, Professor Sagir Adamu Abbas on Thursday.

He said the visit was to reignite the relationship between the foundation and BUK, with a view to supporting the University in the area of providing scholarship to the indigent students.

He reiterated the foundation’s commitment to providing boreholes to address the challenges of water shortage.

The Country Director explained that last year, the foundation dug 1500 boreholes across 15 states in Nigeria; constructed 400 mosques and supported 4500 orphans with N50,000 monthly, out of which 1200 of them were from Kano State.

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Sagir Adamu Abbas expressed happiness with the visit and expressed the University’s commitment to strengthen its relationship with the Qatar Charity Foundation.

He said the University’s doors are open to assist the Foundation with research to solve some challenges related to its activities.

At the end of the meeting, the two parties agreed that a formal memorandum of understanding would formally be signed to fast track the relationship.

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