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Emefiele: group backs DSS, challenges detractors



Aminu Abdullahi





A Coalition of Civil Society Organisations known as the Patriots Network Nigeria (TPN) and the Citizens Stability Forum (CSF), have backed the Department of State Services (DSS) in its efforts towards investigation allegations of economic and financial crimes against the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele.

KANO FOCUS reports that the convener of the group Muktar Lawal CSF and co-convener Moses Sheson TPN registered their support to State Security Service at a Press Conference held on Monday.

They noted that the recent happenings resulting from the move made by the Department of State Services (DSS) to arrest and question the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, are currently taking an unfortunate dimension.

The group noted that  the DSS are accusing the CBN governor of economic and financial crimes of national security dimension and have even filed an ex-parte motion at the high court in Abuja for his arrest over these accusations.

Mukhtar Lawal

It however decried the evasion of arrest by the Governor of the CBN and the activities of detractors who are hellbent on smearing the reputation of the Director General of the DSS, Yusuf Bichi.

”It is known that the DSS are accusing the CBN governor over accusations of economic and financial crimes of national security dimension and have even filed an ex-parte motion at the high court in Abuja for his arrest over these accusations.

“However, while the sitting judge declined the ex-parte motion filed, he mentioned that if the DSS believes that the evidence available to it so far is sufficient, then it has the jurisdiction to arrest and detain the applicant, even without the order of the court.

“While all this is ongoing, the Mr Emefiele was alerted of the plans by DSS to arrest him and hurriedly left the country to avoid arrest, which only indicates his unwillingness to answer and address the accusation surrounding him.

“Unfortunately, as reported by Sahara Reporters, some disgruntle elements from outside the government and as well as influential politicians who are very close to the presidency, and who have been hugely benefitting from Godwin Emefiele activities at CBN through receiving all sort of contracts and financial favours are fighting back on his behalf.

“It was found that the above the described elements are using their influence inside the presidency as well as using proxies (by sponsoring protest by selfish civil society groups and attacks from media outlets) to fight the DSS particularly with the aim to smear the name and efforts of its Director-General, Yusuf Bichi, and some of the service’s key officials of the DSS. These selfish politicians have shown to have no regards to the rule of law, nor do they care about the general security of the country.

“It is important that Nigerians ask the following important questions – What is preventing Emefiele from allowing the investigation by DSS? Why are powerful people who are known to be selfish and corrupt supporting Emefiele and shielding him away from the investigation?

“If Emefiele believe he is not guilty and he can prove that over the course of the investigation that will be huge win for his image in this country. And we all know that he will never go down unjustifiably, he can afford the best lawyers in this country, also his cohorts and friends will ensure that he get justice.

“But it is clear to Nigerians that the CBN governor and cohorts are trying hard to scuttle the investigation, for them it is not a matter of justice or proving innocence but a matter of LEAVE HIM ALONE irrespective of what he has done wrong. It is important for this Buhari led administration to know that while it have made a lot of progress in fighting corruption and insecurity, however, if this case is allowed to be swept under the carpet. it has the tendency of reversing all gains made by this government.

“It is also very important for citizens of our country to understand that we cannot afford to allow people in power to act and behave recklessly, mismanage our resources, abuse their office, and still get away with it, just because they are being shielded by the power surrounding them.

“We cannot have a country where only the poor and powerless are subjected to the rule of law whereas those in power and their cohorts are not. And worst of all is when these enemies of progress use the illiteracy and hunger of some of our citizens to deceive them into fighting their selfish war against the very people that protect the interest of this country.

“Every Nigerian should be grateful to the DSS and its Director General, Mr Bichi due to their efforts in taming the monstrous insecurity facing this nation. Since the coming in of Mr Bichi, the DSS has been nothing but excellent playing its role diligently, gathering security intelligence and fighting so much security threats a lot of which most the public are not even aware of.

“We all know that DSS is saddled with critical functions of prevention and detection of any crime/terrorism against the internal security of Nigeria and provision of timely advice to Government on all matters of National security interest among other. So why will their investigation on the CBN governor be an exception just because of the interest of selfish elements. Nigerians need to understand that if the accusations against Emefiele are true and the DSS are prevented from carrying out their constitutional duty on the matter, the cost of this will be enormous capable of bringing this country on its knees, emboldening terrorist sponsors and worse demoralizing our security agencies and personnel.”

The group urged Nigerians not to allow politicians and selfish elements to turn them against the very institution that protect their security interest and enemies of the country.

Clash between NNPP governorship candidate and Mrs Bichi is a plan to tarnish DSS boss image

Lawal also described clash between the Gubernatorial candidate of NNPP in Kano and the wife of Director general Department of State Services, as a purported plan aimed at tarnishing the image of DSS boss.

He explained that, some detractors of DSS boss use media to speculate what happened instead of resolving the situation amicably.

“In the past few weeks, there have been media reports on the purported clash between the entourage of Mrs. Bichi and that of NNPP gubernatorial candidate in Kano state, an unfortunate situation that can be resolve through consultation and or filing of official complain for any wrong doing committed by either of the party to appropriate authority for redress.

He explained that, the detractors that are busy to destablize the arrest CBN governor are the same detractors and vested interests are now resorting to all sorts of blackmail, sponsoring articles and concocted comments on social media targeted at tainting Mr. Bichi’s image and his leadership.

“Apparently, those behind the sponsored negative reports are afraid of Mr. Bichi’s commitment and resilience to serving Nigeria. But they must understand that he cannot be blackmailed or intimidated any way. Mr. Bichi has not embarked on any mission aimed at threatening any other individual, lowly or highly placed in the society.

The forum then called on  Nigerians to stand in solidarity and talk with one voice to support the DSS and its official, and caution the detractors and persuade presidency from interfering or stopping such critical security investigation.

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2023: Tanko Yakasai raises alarm over plot to rig presidential election



Tanko Yakasai

Aminu Abdullahi

An elder statesman Alhaji Tanko Yakasai has raised an alarm over a plot by some undemocratic elements to manipulate the results of the forthcoming presidential election with its attendant consequences.

KANO FOCUS reports that the politician raised the alarm in a press statement titled “Reflections of a 98-Year-Old Patriot: A Message to Those Planning to Rig the Elections” issued to journalists on Sunday.

He explained that his fear was rooted in the fact that “when people are consumed by their inordinate desires, they become blind to the bigger picture.”

The former Special Adviser to late President Shehu Shagari said, “My concern is not for myself, but for Nigeria and its people. I believe that for Nigeria to properly care for its teeming God-given population everyone in the country must live in peace and harmony”.

Yakasai in the signed statement said “Those who prioritize winning the upcoming elections at all cost may not understand my concern for the survival of Nigeria and its people, which only stems from my patriotism”

He lamented that “Unfortunately, there are unpatriotic individuals who are solely focused on their own selfish and narrow interests and do not care about the future of the country and its people. “

Yakasai’s strong-worded statement reads in parts: “I have been pondering on what motivates those who plan to rig or scuttle the upcoming elections in Nigeria and particularly the presidential election. Do they believe they can do so without consequences?

“In 1966 when the first attempted military coup was made. I was at that time the national publicity secretary of the Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU), secretary of the Northern Progressives Front, and deputy national president of the Nigerian Youth Congress, during which I witnessed the tragic events of the 1966 coup attempt, in which late Chukuma Nzeogwo and his other misguided associates assassinated Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa our first and so far the only prime minister for Nigeria.

“Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of Sokoto also the only premier of northern Nigeria, Brigadier General Zakariya Maimalari, Colonel Yakubu Pam, Colonel Kur Muhammad and other military officers were murdered by the coup plotters.

“I was also present during the Kano riot, which was a response to the murders of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and others I mentioned earlier. That tragic event resulted in the loss of many innocent lives and took place in various parts of northern Nigeria. The exact number of casualties, both military and civilian, has yet to be determined.

“From this tragedy, I learned that when people are consumed by their inordinate desires, they become blind to the bigger picture. This is why I want to advise those considering manipulating the results of coming presidential elections not to take any actions that could plunge our nation into catastrophe.

“At 98 years old and as the only surviving child of my parents, with only a few relatives, all I have are my children and grandchildren. I am a billionaire, not even a businessman. My concern is not for myself, but for Nigeria and its people.

“I believe that for Nigeria to properly care for its teeming God-given population everyone in the country must live in peace and harmony. While some may not share this patriotic concern, it is born from my patriotism and desire for the survival of Nigeria and the well-being of its people.

“There are those who are only concerned with their own selfish interests and unconcerned about the country and its people. Such people are carloads and unpatriotic.

“Furthermore, it is crucial that Nigeria develops in order to properly care for its burgeoning population. This can only be achieved if the country remains United, peaceful and harmonious. Those who prioritize winning the upcoming elections at all costs may not understand my concern for the survival of Nigeria and its people, which only stems from my patriotism. I can assure all that this concern is genuine.

“I am in politics for patriotic reasons, not personal gain. Unfortunately, there are unpatriotic individuals who are solely focused on their own selfish and narrow interests and do not care about the future of the country and its people.

“But there are many Nigerians who are only concerned about the country’s prosperity and of its people but who are concerned about peace and harmony as well as the peaceful coexistence of the over 200 million of its people and humanity.

“I, therefore, urge patriotic citizens to rise in defence of our motherland and its future not to allow the tiny misguided minority among Nigerians who are not looking at the greater picture of the country.

“We should together engage in a cooperative understanding of doing our utmost endeavours and synergy to save the country and protect its future.”

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Organisation trains youth leaders on peace, mediation



Aminu Abdullahi




A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Youth Action for Peace, says it has trained youth leaders in Kano on peace and conflict mediation to promote peaceful co-existence.

KANO FOCUS reports that the Lead Trainer, Barrister Comfort Usman, said that the training was organised in collaboration with MacArthur and Ford foundation and was aimed at training youth leaders on how to prevent conflicts.

According to her, the training is to increase the capacity of young peace builders to be able to mediate and promote peace in Kano and the country as a whole.

Usman, who emphasised the role of youths in nation building, said that with the training, youth leaders would be equipped with skills of mediation and conflict resolution.

“Youths are agents of peace, if properly trained, they will lead peace efforts successfully,” she explained.

Barrister Usman said that the training was strategically placed on dates close to general elections.

She urged youths to be agents of peace rather than destruction.

Cross Section of Participants

The lead trainer called on youths to shun violence and be their brothers keepers.

Earlier, the coordinator, Youth Peace Security Network, Kano, Barrister Nura Ahmad, said the exercise would go a long way to teach young people what conflict was all about and how they could live together as one.

He urged the participants to pass down the knowledge to young persons in their communities.

Cross Section of Participants

Ahmad also called on Nigerian youths to shun any form of violence and all manners of electoral malpractices in the 2023 General Elections and beyond.

A participant, Aisha Abubakar, said the training had helped her to understand the importance of peace and how to be a peace mediator.

Presentation of certificates to Participants

Another participant, Ismail Auwal, said knowledge gained from the training would help them to mediate or handle crisis when the need arose.

He also called for peaceful co-existence among Nigerians.

Barrister Comfort Usman

KANO FOCUS reports that after the training, Kano Youth Mediators Network was inaugurated.

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Late Emir of Dutse: An embodiment of national unity – NRO



Aminu Abdullahi

The Northern Reform Organisation (NRO) says the late Emir of Dutse, Dr Nuhu Muhammad Sanusi led the Dutse Emirate Council for 30 years exhibiting the attributes of selflessness, accommodation and peace throughout his domain. 

KANO FOCUS reports that the NRO Director of Publicity, Malam Mahmud Adnan Audi made these declarations in a condolence message to the Dutse Emirate Council, the government and people of Jigawa State following the demise of the respected monarch yesterday.

Adnan said the monarch also treated indigenes of other states in the Jigawa State Capital as sons and daughters of the state.

He noted that the late Chancellor of the Sokoto State University also provided good counsel to the successive regimes in the state resulting in the effective maintenance of peace and the provision of infrastructure.

Adnan prayed Allah  to forgive the monarch’s infractions and provide him a space in Aljannah.

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